Monday, November 06, 2006

I am my eye

Your eyes are one of your most important senses.

The 'way' you see things, tells a lot of who you are. In a way you could say:

I am my eye

Now look around you. You'll probably think you see the world as clear as possible !
However, you're wrong. Some animals, like raptors, birds like the eagle or the hawk, can see up to 8 times more clearly than the sharpest human eye.

We call this ability to see things more clearly:

Visual Acuity

Now - according to shamanic insights - there's a interesting difference in the "sight process" between the hawk and the eagle, while they're hunting.
When a hawk sees a Mouse, he dives directly for it.
Now the eagle. When hunting (at great heights), the eagle only sees the whole pattern. He sees movement in the general pattern and dives for the movement, learning only later that it is the mouse he's hunting for.
What we are talking about here is Specificity and Wholeness.

What can we learn from this?
When solving problems, don't just try to look as a hawk, but also try to look as an eagle at this specific problem.
The combination of the both may solve your problems in a different way.

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Hawk and Eagle—both are singing

A great example of this principle of combining awareness and sharpness is the next story:

The Cathedral

There was once a man passing by a construction site. He stopped and asked one of the tradesmen what he was doing.
The worker replied gruffly, "I'm laying bricks, can't you see that?"

The man watched a while longer and then asked another worker what he was doing. "I'm just earning a living," he replied.

A third time the man asked a worker and the response was much different, "I'm building a cathedral."

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