Saturday, November 04, 2006

Grasp Time !

Sometimes we've to take time to realize what we want in life.

The secret of 'sun or rain' in your life is being a cloud ! Transform from butterfly to cloud !

It's just like the growing of the grass in your garden. You can't force it !
And in your life, just like the grass, (too much) "pulling" doesn't really help.

That's why it isn't always sunshine in our lifes, we need some rain to grow as well.

Even if we do the right things, that doesn't mean that we do the things right. So be the sun and the rain for others, when you'll have to be.

  • After a few hot sunny days, don't you long for the rain?
  • While it rains all day, don't you long for the sun and see it through the drops?

So accept the given sunshine and rain in you life and grasp the time.

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