Thursday, October 21, 2004

Search God's Paradise in the Universe

Since 1984 now the Seti institute is searching for life in space. In spite of hope, we haven't found a single proof for life outside of this planet yet.

On the other hand or admiration for the different forms of life on this "old" earth is still growing.

perhaps it's hard to admit and even harder to understand, but

Is the earth really paradise in the universe?

With foolhardiness we keep searching the universe for evidence of life.

The only thing we discover is 'more space".

How things developed

By discovering millions of stars every year, the idea got a hold on us that if there are so may stars out there, there'll have to be even more planets. And if there are so may planets at least on some of them there must be some kind of life.

As always if there's problem, mathematics was brought in to prove this way of thinking:

In the sixties the formula of Drake, or Drake equation, was presented

The Drake equation
N = R* • fp • ne •fl • fi • fc • L


NThe number of possible communicative civilizations in our galaxy (The Milky Way) ± 10.000± 0.8
R*Rate of star formation: Number of stars that are created in our galaxy each year± 5± 2
fpTh fraction of stars that have planets± 20%± 10%
neThe number of planets, per star, with an environment suitable for life± 1± 1
flThe fraction of suitable planets on which life actually appears± 100%± 10%
fiThe fraction of life bearing planets on which intelligent life emerges.± 100%± 20%
fcThe fraction of civilizations that develop a technology that releases detectable signs of their existence into space± 100%± 20%
LThe length of time (years) such civilizations release detectable signals into space± 10.000± 1000

As you may notice, assuming different values makes a great difference in estimating the number of intelligent civilizations !

Use the Kosmoi Drake calculator or the Life beyond Earth calculator to define your own estimate of intelligent civilizations in our galaxy.

The Fermi Paradox

The Fermi paradox is a paradox proposed by physicist Enrico Fermi that questions the possibilities of finding intelligent extraterrestrial life.

Fermi states

"The commonly held belief that the universe has many technologically advanced civilizations combined with our observations that suggest otherwise, is paradoxical, suggesting that either our understanding or our observations are flawed or incomplete."

Occam's Razor additionally states that:

"The explanation for a given phenomenon that has the fewest assumptions should be preferred over more complicated ones. The simplest explanation, say adherents to the premise behind the Fermi paradox, is that as a technologically advanced species, in our part of the Cosmos
We are alone"


Let's enjoy that we live in true paradise in this universe. It's not outthere !

So why waste this dream and short lifetime we've been given by making war.

Enjoy life, enjoy paradise.

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