Saturday, September 11, 2004

Go(o)d Vibrations !

Everything in the universe is vibrations. Good vibrations......

  • When we talk......, our voice creates meaningful air vibrations
  • When we listen...., we interpretate the air vibrations
  • When we see ......, we interpretate the space-time vibrations
  • When we glow......, our body transmits infrared waves
  • When we think....., our brains produce α and β brainwaves
  • When we love......, we feel the 'good vibrations' vibes

In fact we could say that The Light and Sound of God together are the Voice of God:

Now let's look somewhat closer at those vibrations we call Light.

What we call Light is in fact a very small part of what physicians call:

EMS = The ElectroMagnetic Spectrum

This EMS consists not only of visible light, but also of infra-red waves we feel or experience as "warmth", radiowaves, microwaves and so on.

In fact we only see a very small part of the EMS. Our human eye is limited. Some animals however are able to see other parts of the EMS.

Reed more about this eyeing subject on All in the brain of the beholder.

On the other hand as human beings we've learned to use the other parts of the EMS and used those waves to our convenience.

So at this very moment CNN, BBC end MTV are running trough your body, but you are not conscious of it.
We need "translators" such as televisions, radio's, telephones, and other devices to translate those waves to visible or audible interpretable signals. It's a projection or translation of the real truth EMS Universe. Just like in the times we just had "black & white" pictures or television.

What beauty would it be to percept the EMS in its full size and dimension.

What if we could look at the EMS universe trough the eyes of God?

Probably we wouldn't manage, it would be to much for us human beings. We've been shaped with receptors, senses, that fit our way to survive on this planet. And we are given the talent and responsibility to develop our talents in this view and environment that's been given to us.

In this approach -just like above - we make an image of God in our limited mind. We know we're not be able to grasp God as a whole. But this is the only way we can grow. Just like a little child by 'falling down' and 'getting up' without bothering, we have to change and adjust our vision on God every day.

Now as human beings we're having this superior egocentric view that we are the best of creation.
We have the highest consciousness of all creatures. We have the best view, are the smartest, etc. .....

Nothing is less true. We are not superior. Just take a look at what we're able to see of the EMS and what a bee is able to see.

We'll never know what a bee experiences as it looks at the ultraviolet part of EMS that we lack. Will we ever succeed in 'beeing a a bee'?

This leads to the interesting beeing question:

To bee or not to bee ?

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