Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Creation of the Universe

Just take a seat..........

  • How was this universe created?
  • Was there a beginning of time?
  • How come there exists anyhow something?
  • What does that word "exists" mean?

Too many questions to answer in one blog. I'll come back on them later. Let's pick the first one out. That's interesting enough for today.

Surprisingly enough the Bible as well as the Veda describe the creation of the universe in the same way.

The bible states at John-1 :

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God,..

According to the Atharva Veda, Brahma formed the universe from vibrations. This is the basis for the ancient Hindu word,

Nada-Brahma == sound, the Creator God

Read more about this interesting common viewpoint on The Breath On Which It Floats.
Or read - in a nutshell - more about the different theories of the creation of the universe and the specific Veda viewpoint at Veda

In the bible the word "word" is translated from the Greek word "λόγος" or Logos.

This ancient Greek word has two meanings:

Logos == Thought & Word

So gradually it becomes a little bit clear how things worked out in the universe from point zero:

Logos : Thought, Word

Let's take a look a that process of Creation:
  1. At first only the non-material "Thought" existed
  2. This "Thought" was with God, or because its omnipotentness, was God.
    Out of this "Thought" developed the "Sound"
  3. This Sound was nothing else than the selfreference of the Thought, a vibration,that created Space, its energetic equivalent Time and Light.
  4. Now the Thought trough the material Wor(l)d and Time manifested itself - as a kind of sound - as a Word. Which in facts means that the Sound created a meaning, a message, a destiny.
    From these meaningful vibration patterns of the Word developed the Shape of things and thereby the implicit corresponding "Laws" of this universe we are living in.
  5. Now the last part in the process of creation took place. Life was created.
    The Thought manifested itself upon the Shape and "blew" (another way of vibration, the material manifestation of the Thought in the material world) Life (Consciousness) into the Shape (body).
    The Consciousness now created is in fact equivalent to the Thought, and therefore is God. The circle of creation is closed.

I'll briefly add some remarks and corresponding links to some parts of this vision.
Not as a proof or evidence, but just to inspire and to contribute in making small steps in the fulfillment of our vision and insight on the process of universal creation.
There are a lot more things to say. Don't worry... I'll come back on them later !

Meaning of words
There is a lot of discussion about those words as Thought, Sound, Word, Light. In fact these are all different manifestations of the Thought on the material substance.
This is well illustrated in a recent article about "The sound of the big bang" in New Scientist.

The Sound
Just as in the bible (John-1) the word Word was mentioned as the origin, in Hinduism - before the beginning - the Brahman was one and non-dual. It Thought, "I am only one , may I become many." This caused a vibration which eventually became sound, and this sound was Om.
Read more about it at The Meaning of Om.

Difference between Bible and Science
If you focus on the differences between the Bible an Science, you'll find plenty. If you accept that we still have to learn a lot about "how to read the holy scripts" and "how to develop science", an attitude of looking for the common aspects - in stead of only looking at the differences - will appear more fruitful.
An beautiful attempt to embrace these differences has been made by Dwayne Sheffield at his page Embracing The Contradiction.

Click to go there

In fact we as human beings fulfill this creational process by applying Thought on other Things and creating thereby new things.

For example in our modern world:
  • Thought/Word applied on Air = Sound, Music (Sound + Meaning)
  • Thought on Light = Laser
  • Word on paper = book
  • Thought on Thought = Philosophy, Mathematics, etc.
  • Etc.

The process of Creation will never end, Don't give up. Enjoy it on your journey in Life.

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