Friday, June 27, 2008

Like a fly on a fly swatter

In times of threat, suppression or intimidation, what's best to do?

The simplified options are:
  • Fight, oppose
  • Defend
  • Negotiate, compromise
  • Run, try to escape

However, in certain cases there's another option...

The fly swatter
Imagine you're a (butter)fly and are hounded by a fly swatter.

The first three options certainly won't help. Remains, few chances to escape.

But there's an alternative unnatural approach that could help.

Simply enter the lion's den and take a seat on the fly swatter instead of trying to escape it.

Please notice that you are not attacking the person behind the fly swatter, you just take place on the instrument that is used to beat you.

Sure, it'll take courage to execute such a strategy, but success is within reach.

Remember this new strategy next time you're suppressed or intimidated.

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