Thursday, August 23, 2007

Watch yourself

Sometimes, in a case of force majeur, it's simply not enough to rely on your natural reactions and verbal capabilities. They probably wont help you.

What to do in case your mother suddenly dies, you get fired unexpected, your best friend suddenly gives up on you or your surgeon tells you you're seriously ill?

Lesson one : in these cases, stay cool and try to relax.

Lesson two : Think yourself in the upper corner of the room, outside yourself, and watch yourself. Be your own spectator.

From this position steer yourself and try to see yourself from different angles in a different perspective.
This simple method will help you to overcome crisis situations and creates a situation where you are able to manage yourself from a distance.

In these situations it becomes clear that you are the boss of your physical body as well as your mind. So it's not your body or mind that's in the corner , it's the real you! Enjoy that you are your own 'puppet on a string'.

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