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Ever had this experience: You try to telephone someone and at that very same time (s)he's trying to call you.

Coincidence, telepathy or Synchronicity?

Mathematical view
From a mathematical point of view this could perhaps more or less be explained:

Suppose you call someone every day and a attempt to connect takes about 20 seconds.
Then you've got a probability of 0.023% ( 20 seconds / [24 hours x 3600 seconds] ) the two of you call at the same time

Since you probably don't call at night or during work, this probability increases to 0,185% if you take a 3 hour period as possible call-time instead of 24 hours.
This ruffly gives a change of about 49% (= 1 - [1-0,185%]^365) in a year that this simultaneously calling takes place at least once.

But what about if your '20 years ago emigrated friend' Carl, who you've not seen since, calls you one day, while you at the same time try to call him?
Now we are getting short of simple mathematics.

This phenomena is called


Synchronicity by Jung. Was Jung Right?

Synchronicity is an explanatory principle, according to its creator, Carl Jung. Synchronicity explains "meaningful coincidences," such as a beetle flying into Jung's room while a patient was describing a dream about a scarab.

Synchronicity explained

There are many attempts to explain Synchronicity. From intuition to quantum mechanics.

Perhaps the most natural explanation for synchronicity between two people is that they, one way or the another, think in more or less the same way.
By thinking the same way, we mean that their thoughts, thought-patterns or feelings get stimulated by the same stimuli or events.

Going back to Carl. Perhaps you both heard the CNN-news with a news-item that the both of you shared in your youth.
This stimuli encouraged the both of you to take the telephone. Not at once, but after an hour, because you both developed the habit in your life to wait before making a impulsive move.

So in fact your life-, habits- and/or thought--wave-patterns are more or less the same and this increases the probability of synchronicity a lot.

Synchronicity on events in your live
The same thing could be said about Synchronicity concerning merely events.
You just bought a new car, a Ford. Suddenly you notice one of your college's is also driving a Ford. The next day you see even more Fords.
This has nothing to do with probability. It's just how your conscience works. You're exited about something and suddenly your conscience is more focussed on noticing associative or similar events.
"When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail."

You also have the synchronicity of the I Ching . The I Ching is not a fortune-telling book. By the hexagrams of the I Ching your mind can mirror the question you ask in such a way that it's easier to get your problem more clear, in order to take the right decision.

The vision stated above is not in accordance with Jung's vision or the correspondent parallel quantum-vision on the universe that has been developed recent decennia in physics.
The complex reality in which we live can at a deeper level only be described in statistical terms. But that doesn't mean there is no 'causality'.
There is causality, but we are unable to describe it because of it's complexity.

Or to say it with Einstein's words:

God doesn't play dice

Einstein's vision was however proved to be wrong by Bell's Theorem. But this prove was based on the assumption that 'measurements which are made far apart (at spacelike distances) cannot affect each other'.
Perhaps reality is so complex that communication faster than light is possible.
In fact every border or axiom we as humans formulate (e.g. maximum speed = speed of light) limits our view on reality.

Play dice, but keep searching for the deeper and higher realities !

After all: Synchronicity is only

Resonance of thought

More, much more on Resonance or Synchronicity in the future !

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