Friday, October 13, 2006

Stress Ohm's Law

At highschool -do you remember? - we all heard about Ohm's law:

V = I x R

Where where: V = voltage in volts (V), I = current in amps (A) and R = resistance in ohms (Ω)

Now let's translate this law to daily life !
You could interpret the voltage (V) as tension, strain or simply Stress.
Interpret the current (I) as the amount of inspiration
The resistance (Ω) is simply your natural resistance; It's the way you always did the tings you did, think the thoughts you thought, it's your resistance to change.

So now our formula in real life looks something like

Stress = Inspiration x Resistance

To play around a bit with this formula:

  • By lowering your resistance you're able to be more inspirational and creative at the same stress level. You'll be able to see received inspiration as an opportunity and not as a demand. In other words you'll be able to cope with much more demands in your life.

  • If you have too much stress, you could lower your actual stress level by lowering your resistance. Give in sooner. You could of course be stubborn, stick to your resistance level and lower your inspiration level (received or created by others or yourself). But this approach will soon lead to a depressive and non-inspirational lonely lifestyle

Now let's add another electric formula : Watt's Law

P = I2 x R

In daily life translation this means:

Power = Inspiration2 x Resistance

Playing around with this formula leads to:

  • Generating or receiving more inspiration squares the output (power) you deliver ! So get inspired as much as you can, but keep in mind ohm's law and take care that your maximum stress level (R x I) is not exceeded.

  • Don't lower your stress level in such way that your resistance approaches zero. In this case you'll have no output or power at all !. So don't do this unless you like to become a Zen Buddhist.
    So it's clear that we need a certain amount of resistance.

Either way, manage your resistance to maximize your output and get on your flow !

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