Monday, October 30, 2006

Godly Formula

Perhaps you've heard about special numbers like e or π. They are called irrational numbers.
To write out these numbers it would take an infinite number of decimals:

π = 3.1415926.............
e = 2.7182818........

Although there are many approximations or summation-like formula's for these numbers, we're not able to express them in an easy manner.

Another strange number is the imaginary number i . This number is defined as the square root of minus one, in formula: i = Ö-1

Now although it's impossible to describe these numbers in an easy way, there is a remarkable simple formula in mathematics that describes an almost holy relationship between these extraordinary numbers :
ei π= -1

It was the famous mathematician Euler that revealed this formula, called Euler's identity.

It's not at all surprising that Euler not only studied mathematics but also philosophy and theology.

Not only is his formula of a "godly beauty", it also triggers the mind to reveal it still hidden secrets.

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