Sunday, April 16, 2006

Out of Luck

Sometimes when all runs smoothly in life, you suddenly run out of luck. Your usual "count on your blue eyes" approach fails and someone gives you a black eye instead.

In more romantic relationship terms formulated : "you get the mitten" or in plain slang language, you "get sacked on the spot"

But there is no such thing as "running out of Luck" if you're lucky to have a learning attitude.
As a little kid you didn't mind to fall and stand up, why should you now? Just take small steps to limit the downside risk of a deep fall.


A formal definition of luck which is the Yiddish word


With: M = Place, Z = Time and L = Speech.

So, luck is being in the right place at the right time and saying the right things.

Emanuel Parzen

How is it possible that even if we feel and think something is the 'right thing to do' at the 'right place and moment in time' and speaking the 'right words', Luck doesn't show up?
Now this is were "expectations" are coming in.

Managing the expectations
Generally spoken you can define Luck as receiving more than the sum of what you had invested and expected.

In formula :

L = R - I - E

With: L= Luck, R = Results,
I = Investments & E = Expectations

Simple conclusions from this formula:

  • Simply manage your expectations to zero and you'll feel lucky if your results exceed your investments.
    But this only works if your Results don't depend on you Expectations (e.g. playing in a lottery)

  • If the results are solely and partial (p<1) r =" p.E" l =" (p-1).E">
  • In these cases only if the Results exceed the expectations by far ( P>1; e.g. 'unconditional love') Luck could be at your door. The psychological price (I+E = risk) we have to pay for this approach, has to even out an extremely uncertain large Result (R = p.E).

Reality: Un-Expected Results
This risk of not getting a 'pay off' is enlarged by the fact that our reality is not only created by our own intentions and thoughts.

Our reality is the mixed up result (an echo) of all thoughts and intentions in the universe and contains unexpected Results that exceed our expectations. By recognizing and accepting these unexpected Results and translating them into desirable and therefore acceptable Results ( enlarged R ) we create a positive 'pay off'.

Now from behind your blue eyes, get your first Lucky Strike !

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